Apps for your Instagram shop

  1. Custom button text editor
    If you ever secretly wished for changing your button to say something else this is your fairy godmother. Edit your button call to action to e.g. Learn more, Get, Book now, Watch, Shop now, Buy, Sign up, Contact, Read, or, any custom text or language translation you dream up.
  2. Full CSS embed customisation
    Ability to fully customise the look and feel of your embeddable feeds via CSS to match with your website. Your web designer would love this.
  3.  Upload your own high-res images
    Use your own high-res lifestyle shots with multiple product hotspots. Then add your shoppable hi-def Picture Cards to your lookbooks, Editorials and blogs and let your inner photo-pro self's hair down.
  4. Hashtag filtered embeddable feeds
    Create multiple embeddable feeds based on hashtag filters.
  5. Drag & Drop feed sorting
    Re-arrange your feed using drag and drop.
  6. Product page - point of sale galleries
    Add smart product specific galleries to your product pages. This is where lifestyle meets the product. It's a big deal.
  7. Multi currency pricing
    Show multi-currency pricing in your shoppable feed.
  8. Direct 'Add to basket'
    Add product to basket without first going to your product page.
  9. Customer email collection
    Collect customer emails and the images they've clicked on for remarketing.
  10. Deeper conversion reports
    Extend your conversion metrics to show more - i.e. assisted versus unassisted sales, click through metrics & more.

User Generated Content

  1. Repost User Generated Content
    Search your follower's posts for user generated stories that can be used in your shoppable feed. Apply subtle attribution and your own comments.
  2. Apply Hotspots to reposts
    What it says. Reposted author content can be linked with multiple products.
  3. Hashtag discovery
    Search hashtags to find the best content and authors for your brand.
  4. Profile engagement reports
    Get deep insights about any Instagram profile. Predict the future with real audience reach insights.
  5. Collect user accounts
    Find someone you want to work with? - bookmark them with a full profile overview.

Influencer / Author marketing

  1. Affiliate referral links
    Create customised links to share with influencers and affiliates.
  2. Affiliate sales tracking
    Track the effectiveness of working with influencers. Report on real results like ROI and conversions.
  3. AI assisted Influencer recommendations
    Searching with influencers and authors to connect with for your brand. This self learning features analyses your account and finds you people with influence you can connect with for your brand.
  4. Influencer pay for content
    Reach out to content creators with influence and collaborate over a campaign. Track the resulting sales and brand coverage using full accountability.
  5.  Product swaps tracking
    Send content authors your products in exchange for posts and mentions.

We're really excited to share these upcoming features with you. We're building them to be simple, helpful and to make connecting with your customers even better.

Go through the list and let me know what you think.


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