Please note: as ever, when making advanced customisation code changes for a theme - ensure you are comfortable modifying code, or work with someone who is. With Lightspeed, it appears that once you make a customisation in this manner to your theme, you can no longer receive automatic updates, so please ensure you know what you are doing.

1️⃣ Grab your SNPT PPG code

From the 'Visual Shopping' dropdown in the main navigation, click to head into the 'Product page galleries' section. From here, customise your settings if desired and click to copy your embed code:

2️⃣ Head into the Theme Editor at Lightspeed

Head on over to your Lightspeed Admin, then click through to the Theme Editor, and then to the code editor as demonstrated below:

3️⃣ Paste your Embed Code where you want it to appear

The exact location here will vary based on your theme, and how it's configured. The SNPT embed will appear on the page at the location you paste the code in. You may be replacing an existing Instagram section, or adding a new section - first look at your current homepage and determine what section it follows, then find that location in the code.

Paste in, click Save Changes, and you're done!

Want us to do this for you?

We offer installations as part of our paid plans - simply sign up to Essentials or above, then write into us with the in-app messenger with temporary access credentials along with details on where exactly you'd like the embed to appear, and we'll tackle the rest 🎉

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