Are you finding that the Embed is running slowly on your store? At SNPT we are always working to boost performance across the many thousands of stores who use our embeds. The specific cause of slowness can vary, please see the following pointers before you reach out to us:

1️⃣ Keep in mind that SNPT Embeds only load when the customer is near

To avoid slowing down the load time of your store, the SNPT embed is designed only kick in as the user scrolls down the page and begins to approach the location of the embed. This is to improve the performance on how quickly your store loads, as to not add extra bloat to the initial render. Thus seeing the embed pop into view as your scroll further down your page, does not mean the embed has been slowly loading since you first visited the page.

2️⃣ Ensure your Store is free of errors caused by other scripts on your page

If your store is using many other scripts and plugins, there a chance of this causing errors or performance issues which can in turn impact how quickly the SNPT embed loads. A quick way to determine this, is to open your browser's Dev Tools panel and should you see red errors or warnings, it may be worth reviewing your installed plugins and updating or removing as necessary.

Should you need to reach out to us, this will help us assist you better, to better pin-point what may be causing troubles for you.

3️⃣ Instagram do not provide us with Thumbnails

The images we load within the SNPT embeds are served directly from Instagram, and are not as small as we would prefer to be used as thumbnails. We are considering optimising this, particularly for those on paid plans, but at the moment it's a factor we have little control over. The good news is that the images from Instagran are backed by a fast-CDN and only need to be downloaded the once, at which point all should be snappy from that point forwards.

4️⃣ Remove the defer attribute from your SNPT code snippet

By default, we include the defer attribute in the embed code to help ensure that SNPT does not prioritise itself above other potentially more crucial parts of your page. But, if you are loading SNPT high up on your page, either towards the top or above the fold, then you may want to remove this attribute to help load the embed sooner.

5️⃣ The issue may be temporary

The distributed nature of SNPT embeds (being served by us, the images coming from Instagram, loading on your store etc), means a temporary issue from any of the aspects involves may temporarily degrade performance. Thus if you are seeing an issue, please check again after approximately 15 minutes, and reach out to us should issues persist.

❓ Still having troubles? Reach out to us with information to help you

Should you still believe you have performance issues directly related to your SNPT embeds, please do reach out to us. Importantly, for us to help you, we need you to provide information including the following:

  • Please describe exactly what you are seeing with regards to performance issues - do you feel SNPT is slowing down your page? Is the embed not appearing fast enough? Is it that the images are loading in slowly etc? A screenshot, or even better, a video recorded with the likes of Loom will go a long way for us to help you here.

  • Detail what browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari? etc) and device (Windows laptop? Android Mobile? etc) you are using, along with any relevant extra details (such as browser extensions which may be influencing matters)

  • Be sure to provide specific URL(s) of where the issue can be seen. For us to help you, we need to be able to replicate the issue and better understand the context.

  • Please try to determine whether this is an issue impacting your SNPT embed generally, or whether it happens to be the device or browser you are on. Trying from your laptop, or another browser on the same device will help us narrow down what may be causing issues for you.

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