Using the Snapppt Embed allows you to embed your curated Instagram feed into any page of your website. This can now be achieved with the Shopify Auto-install feature we have, which allows you easily add the Snapppt embed, along with an optional title and subtitle, to either an existing page, or a new page. 

To start click on the Shopify auto Install option found in your 'Shoppable Galleries' settings:

Important: the auto-install tool allows you to add an embed to a page, but not to remove or edit it. Removing the embed, or changing the Title/Subtitle will need to be done manually. More information can be found at the end of this article.

To embed your feed into your Shopify store, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Embeds page of your Snapppt admin
  2. Select whether you want to add to have a new page created for your embed, or select a page you would like it added to
  3. Optionally update the page title for your selected page
  4. Optionally provide a title and subtitle for your embed. This will be the text that appears immediately above the embed
  5. Decide whether you want the embed added to the top or bottom of the page you've selected. Note that the option does not matter if you've chosen to create a new page.

How do I change the embed title or remove the embed?

The 'auto-install' feature above allows you to easily add the embed - but you will need to edit the page manually within Shopify if you want to remove the embed, or if you want to update it. This is mainly due to the flexible nature of pages. Note that when you are editing the page on Shopify - the code snippet itself will only be seen if you click to 'Show HTML' as shown in the following screenshot:

How do I add the Snapppt embed to my homepage?

The auto-install only supports added the embed to a page of your Shopify store. To add to your homepage, or for other more advanced needs, please see the Manually embedding your Instagram feed in Shopify article.

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