What you see in the UGC tab of your Media Library may not match what you see in your Instagram account (such as your 'Tagged' images). This can be for the following reasons:

  • You may have already actioned the item, which would have it not appear in the UGC tab. Be sure to check your 'Added' and 'Removed' tab.

  • The order of media within the UGC tab may not match the order you see on Instagram, given that the order in which we receive the item may vary.

  • It can take up to 12 hours for UGC media to appear within the tab. Thus if you believe an item to be missing, please return a little later.

  • Note that only Videos and Images from Instagram are supported. Reels are not provided by Instagram to their partners just yet, which includes SNPT. This applies even where the Reel appears in an Instagram feed, or appears under your 'Tagged photos' in Instagram.

Tip: Note that you can search by the caption text using the input field at the top left. Try search for a word or two which appears within the caption of the Instagram Image you are looking for.

If you still believe there to be an error - do reach out to us.

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