How you display your Snapppt Instagram feed on your home page depends on the options available to you in the theme you are using. These are controlled via the theme settings.

You can choose to use one of two methods:

Method 1 - Add a Section containing the Snapppt embed into your Homepage

PLEASE NOTE: you should take note of the exact steps you take, as they can vary between themes and stores. You'll need these notes if you decide to later remove the Snapppt embed as we are not able to provide support for specific themes.

If your theme allows you to specify a 'page' to include in a section of your home page you can: Start by creating a page containing your shoppable feed as described in this article - and then add that page into a 'section' of your homepage. 

Alternatively, the theme may allow you to add a 'Custom HTML' section, where you can paste the HTML code. For this, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the 'Online store' section of your Shopify backoffice and visit the 'Themes' section. Then click to 'Customize theme'
  2. From the Sections panel, click to 'Add section'.
  3. Select Custom HTML from the list of available sections, click 'Add' and then either replace or append your Snapppt embed code. Note that this option may appear within a parent of 'Custom content or similar'

Method 2 - Modify the HTML of your homepage template

PLEASE NOTE: you should be familiar with some basic HTML if you choose this method or ask your developer to do it for you. We are unable to provide support for Shopify theme code modification:

If your theme does not give you the option to include 'pages' into sections of your home page, or the ability to insert code snippets into sections of the homepage, then you can paste the Snapppt embed code into your home page template via your advanced theme settings. 

The exact steps will vary, but will be close to:

  1. Visit the 'Online store' section of your Shopify backoffice and visit the 'Themes' section. 
  2. Click the Actions button for your active theme, which reveals a dropdown. From here, select to 'Edit code'. 
  3. Click to edit the index.liquid  template, and paste your Snapppt embed where you want it to appear, as shown in the screenshot above. If you are unsure of where to place the embed, try starting off with placing it at the very bottom, after any other content. 

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