Your Instagram bio is essentially the first introduction of yourself or your products to all visitors that come across your page πŸ‘‹

Having a stand out bio can make all the difference.

Your bio should clearly state who you are and what you’re selling + inject a sense of curiosity that invites visitors within the first couple of seconds to scroll down through the content. You only have 150 characters to engage the audience, choose your copy wisely!

Importantly you want to turn your Instagram profile into a clickable, optimised landing page, but Instagram only allows for a single link in your bio, so here are your options:

Option 1. Direct to your website



Option 2.

Copy and paste the short link you can find in your dashboard to take them to your Shoppable Gallery. This is effective because it transitions customers onto your website without breaking their "Instagram experience".



Option 3.

Copy the full URL for your Shop Insta Page. This again much like option 2, is an effective way to move customers onto your own turf without breaking their browsing mindset whilst moving them closer to your checkout via a social shopping experience.



Based on the data insights we have for brands using their bio links to direct followers to an Instagram shop there's a sales conversions uplift ranging between between 3% to 8%. This is in comparison to a 0.5% to 1.7% for retailers who direct their profile link to their home page or, a page not representative of their Instagram feed. This redirection is much less successful.

Don't wait, update your Instagram Shop link in your bio today to see a better sales conversion! 😊


Not sure how to do it? See our guide here or contact us

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