You and your digital agency can measure the impact for your Influencer campaigns for your brand's key goals and audience targets via SNPT's Influencer Campaigns tracking platform. This is being done with specifically designed tools used to produce accurate realtime reports via SNPT's Influencer Marketing dashboards.

Getting started:

Step 1.

If you aren't already using SNPT Influencer Campaigns, your Digital Agency can send you an e-mail to "join {them} on SNPT".

Click the the invitation link.


Step 2.

The invitation link will open up a short sign up form.

Please fill this using your Brand's Instagram account. This is the account you will be asking Influencers to tag in your campaign.


Step 3.

Connect to your Instagram Professional account via Facebook.

  1. Click on the UGC tab

2. Then, click to connect with Facebook:

3. Follow the required steps

If you need help with these steps check out the article below:

Please see this step by step guide to connecting your Facebook brand page account

Step 4.


Once you have completed all of the above steps you are ready to start Inviting Influencers and tracking Influencers in your social Campaigns

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