When using Snapppt to link up your products, the common approach is to copy and paste the URL into the Snapppt item. But, if you are using WooCommerce, then you can take advantage of the API support it has, to link up your Snapppt account. From here, you can look up the product on Snapppt by name, rather than URL. The steps are as followings:

1 - Head to the 'Account' section of your Snapppt account. Scroll down to the integrations section and enter your Woocommerce URL into the WooCommerce field. This should be the URL to the home of your Woocommerce store.

2- Click Connect and you'll be sent to your WooCommerce instance and asked if you are happy to provide Read access to Snapppt. Approve the connect and your done. Simply go to add a link to any of your Snapppt items, and upon typing into the URL field, matching suggestions will appear.

Having troubles?

Please check the following:

  • See that you have enabled the API from the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab of your WooCommerce instance as describe in the REST API article.
  • See that you have enabled Permalinks for your WooCommerce store. Simply head to 'Settings > Permalinks' and select a format for your WooCommerce Product URLs (anything other than the 'Plain' option)

Still having troubles?

Please get in touch, providing as much details as you can about the problem are you having. Importantly, please specify the following:

  1. Your store URLĀ 
  2. Details on how far you are getting in the process
  3. Screenshots showing exactly what you are seeing, if you are seeing any errors for example.
  4. Importantly, please also include a System Report which will provide essential information to us on your WooCommerce setup, Wordpress version number and so on.
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