Note: This article covers the approach for where your Shopify Theme does not support sections. Please see our general SNPT Embed to Shopify Homepage article for the ideal and recommended approach if your theme does support sections.

1: Duplicate your live Shopify theme
  Then select Edit Code under the theme Actions menu.

2. Create a new snippet called: snpt-homepage-embed 

3. Copy your SNPT live feed embed code as described in the guide below:

4. Copy and paste the following boilerplate code into your newly created snippet.

<div class="shopify-section">
  <section class="container instagram-section">



Don't forget to replace >>> YOUR SNPT WIDGET EMBED CODE GOES HERE <<<  with the actual SNPT gallery embed code you want to use.

5. Include the snippet to Index.liquid
Add the code to your homepage as an include in Index.liquid using the include tag below {{ content_for_index }}

{% include 'snpt-homepage-embed' %}

It might look similar to this:

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