This article assumes you have already installed and activated the Snapppt Wordpress plugin - if you haven't, please be sure to read our Snapppt Wordpress Plugin installation article and return here for the next steps!

So, you've got the plugin installed and activated. In order to now insert your Snapppt embed into your pages, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Copy your account ID which is shown within the 'Account details' section of your Snapppt account:

Copy your Snapppt Account ID from here, to be pasted into your Snapppt Wordpress settings

note that your account ID will be different to the example shown in the screenshot

2. Enter your copied Snapppt account ID into the Snapppt settings of your Wordpress website, and then click to save changes:

3. With your Snapppt account connected, you can now easily embed your Snapppt feed into any page or post, via a Shortcode that you can easily insert using the Snapppt button at the top of the page editor:

Here you'll be given the choice of which Snapppt embed you would like to insert. Once inserted, hit save changes and visit the page on the front end to see your embed!

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