Occasionally, you may find that, upon loading your SNPT profile or the embed on your website, one or more images fail to load. In most cases, the issue will resolve itself within minutes with no action required. Read on to find out why, and what else you can do should the issue not resolve itself.

The image URLs that we receive from Instagram and use in your SNPT feed and embed do sadly expire after a certain time period. When loading your SNPT embed or profile, any broken images are reported to us, where we then schedule a refresh of all your Instagram media within SNPT. Note that this process can take a few minutes, after which point, refreshing your profile should have all your media showing as expected.

How to manually trigger a media refresh

A more direct way to refresh your SNPT media is shown in the above annotated screenshot. You'll want to enter your Account Details section, visit the 'Connected accounts' page and then click to 'Refresh Media'. This will trigger the refreshing of your media, with the process taking a few minutes to complete.

Why are my older images not updating?

We have a range of mechanisms to refresh these images, but this does get increasingly harder the longer ago that the image was posted. Thankfully this is not a problem in many cases as your SNPT feed will often show your newer posts first - but in cases where you have not updated your SNPT feed for a long while, and thus have outdated images, you may find that they fail to load.

What if I'm still having problems?

In most scenario, our systems will succeed in updating any broken images. But if you continue to have any problems, then please do reach out to us at support. The more details you can provide in your request the better. Which specific images aren't loading? Is this from the Profile or an embed? Can you provifde screenshots or a link to a live page if applicable? We'll do our best to help.

We are continuously improving the refreshing capabilities here at SNPT and we have a range of monitoring in place to bring issues to our attention.

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