Snapppt provides a suite of powerful features, some of which leverage the power of your Instagram business account. Getting this connection fully set up can be complicated given that Facebook (who owns Instagram) requires that your Instagram Business account is linked via a Facebook page. 

To setup your Instagram business account, you'll first need to create a Facebook page for the account / business. Having done this, head into the Page settings as shown above, and then click into the 'Instagram' section. Here you'll be able to connect the Facebook page to your Instagram account, which will convert to an Instagram Business account if it is not already.

Assuming you have done the above correctly, you will be ready to connect to your Snapppt account to your Instagram business account when prompted - such as when first using the People Power feature. You'll be presented with a screen like the following:

Simply hit 'Connect with Facebook', approve the requested permissions and you're on your way. Should you fall into any trouble, keep reading!

Having trouble?

The complex nature of the arrangement and it's many moving parts (Facebook account, Facebook page, Instagram account, multiple page users etc) can lead to a missing link and an error on Snapppt when authenticating. In most cases, visiting the Account Details section and clicking to 'Reconnect Facebook' should solve the problem, and is the recommended first step: 

Check your Facebook account

You may find your Snapppt account's connection to your Instagram Business account suddenly stop working. In many cases this is down to Facebook temporarily halting the connection and requiring you to log into your Facebook account and simply confirm yourself as a user or approve terms and conditions for example. Resolve this by heading into your Facebook account and taking the necessary action.

Confirm your Facebook page role

As a reminder: we connect to your desired Instagram Business account, via a Facebook page that your Facebook account has a role on. Importantly, the Page Role that you are given on the page must be either: Admin, Editor or Moderator. Any of the other roles (e.g Analyst or Advertiser) will not provide the necessary abilities to allow for the Snapppt's features to work.

Confirm Snapppt permissions at Facebook

A likely cause of error is changes to your Snapppt permissions settings at Facebook, either by yourself or one of the other users who may have a role on the Facebook page. If you are having trouble fully connecting with Snapppt, or have found your connection to no longer be working, then visit the Snapppt Business Integration settings as follows. Firstly expand your account menu and click 'Settings and Privacy', clicking 'Settings' again on the subsequent menu:

From here, select 'Business Integrations' from towards the bottom of the Settings sidebar:

Then click 'View and Edit' for the Snapppt entry within the Business Integrations settings:

Now, from here you want to ensure that:

1) The 'Access profile and posts from the Instagram business connected to your page' is enabled:

2) The 'Manage comments' permisions is enabled

3) The 'Manage your pages' permission is enabled:

Now, importantly, you may see multiple Instagram accounts listed, if you have to have a Facebook role on more than one page connected to an Instagram account. In this scenario, you'll need to ensure that the checkbox is ticked for all instances where the Instagram username that matches your Snapppt account appears. Once having made these changes, click 'Save' and then head back on over to Snapppt to Retry the Facebook connection. 

"No Instagram Business account ID detected"

When authenticating with your Facebook account in your Snapppt profile, you may see the following error. This will show in the scenario where you do have an Instagram Business account, correctly hooked up to a Facebook page (which your logged in Facebook user has a role on) - but where Facebook is not providing the necessary Business account ID information, which we need to be able to process API look ups to Instagram.

This scenario is sadly a bug with the Facebook platform, that they are aware of and working on. In the meantime, they propose the following solution, which we would ask that you try. Should authentication still be failing for you, do reach out to us.

  1. Head into your Instagram App and switch your account from Business account, back to a regular account
  2. Head into Facebook, go to the Settings of your businesses Facebook Page, then into the Instagram section of the settings - and re-log in there, upgrading your Instagram account back to a Business account in the process.

This is essentially the tried and tested IT solution of: "have you tried turning it off and on again" and will hopefully get you back up and running. Do note though, that you will lose the previous media insights data in your IG business account, which you may want to save first. Data will collected as per normal once you are back on a business account.

Still needing help? 

Write into support and we'll look into the matter. Please include your Facebook ID when contacting us, which you can find out via this helpful website.

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