To be able to use Discover, you must have a Instagram Business Account. Further, given that the Instagram API we use is provided by Facebook (who own Instagram), it is also required that the Facebook account you authenticate with, has a role on a page, which is connected to your Instagram Business Account.

To clarify the steps required:

1. Connect a Facebook page you have a role on, to your Instagram Business Account. To achieve this, head to the Facebook page for your Business, click 'settings' in the top right corner, then Instagram in the left sidebar. Here you'll be able to add your Instagram account. 

2. Set up your Instagram Business Profile. Upon adding your Instagram account to your Facebook page, you will be prompted to carry out the steps required to upgrade to an Instagram Business Account, if you have not already done so. This step has no cost, but is required. 

3. Enter Discover on Snapppt. Upon clicking the 'Discover' button on Snapppt for the first time, we will send you off to authenticate with Facebook. Upon doing so, we will then attempt to connect through to your Instagram Business account - via the Facebook page you have a role on. Note that the Instagram Business account associated with your Facebook account must match that of your Snapppt account. This step must succeed for us to be able to look up Instagram users on your behalf.

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