Welcome onboard! This is your first stop on your Snapppt journey to increasing your sales by letting your followers shop your Instagram anywhere. Every Snapppt account is designed to work with, and be connected to, a single Instagram account. Let's jump in and run through the sign up process:

Visit getsnapppt.com and click on 'Get Started', which will take you to the Snapppt Sign Up page. Here you want to enter the username of the Instagram account you are wanting to use Snapppt with and then fill out the rest of the form, ensuring you enter a valid email which will need to be confirmed:

As each Snapppt account is designed to be used with a single Instagram account, if you are wanting to use Snapppt for more than one account - you'll simply want to sign up for multiple Snappppt accounts. Once you have Signed Up, you will then be prompted to connect Snapppt to your Instagram account. For this you'll want to be signed into Instagram with the account matching the username of your new Snapppt account. When ready, click connect with Instagram to continue:

From here, you will be sent over to Instagram to accept the connection with Snapppt. In proceeding here, it is important you allow for all the requested permissions, as otherwise the core Snapppt functionality will not work. When ready, click Authorize to continue:

From here you'll be sent back to the Snapppt dashboard, where you'll be logged in and ready to get going with your account. Be sure to check your inbox to confirm your email, then get started! Check out this guide to start curating the content within your shoppable Instagram.

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