SNPT is an eCommerce suite of tools to help turn your Instagram fans & followers into buyers.

Step 1. Getting started:

Visit and click on 'Get Started', which will take you to the SNPT Sign Up page. When prompted enter the username of the Instagram account you wish to use and complete the rest of the form.

Make sure you enter a valid email which will need to be confirmed.

Step 2. Connecting your Instagram account

Once you've Signed Up, you'll be prompted to connect SNPT to your Instagram account:

  • For this, you'll want to be signed into Instagram with the username account you wish to use SNPT with.

  • When ready, click 'Connect Instagram' to continue:

From here, you will be sent to Instagram to accept the connection with SNPT.

  • Proceed by allowing for all the requested permissions

  • The core SNPT functionality will not work unless these permissions are authorized.

  • Click 'Authorize' to continue:

Step 3. Start with your SNPT dashboard

From here you'll be sent back to the SNPT dashboard, where you'll be logged in and ready to start tagging products in your photos, videos and User generated Content (UGC).

! Be sure to check your inbox to confirm your email, then get started!

Check out this guide to start curating the content for your Visual Shopping.


I have multiple Instagram accounts. How do I sign up with them?

Repeat the above process if you wish to set up multiple Instagram account. By default SNPT is designed to be used with one Instagram account at a time. You can use the same email with multiple account. When logging in you'll be automatically prompted to select the account you wish to use.

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