Instagram name change
If you have updated your Instagram username, you will want this to reflect on your Instagram shop. To make sure Snapppt is displaying the correct username, go to Account details in the right hand menu. 

Scroll to the bottom to see "Your Connected Accounts"

Click on the Refresh button (labeled above as 1). This will then update your Instagram info so that it reflects your current username. 

Instagram caption update
If you have edited a photo or the caption within Instagram, Snapppt will not see this as a new post and therefore will not update what we have within the app. We will keep the first uploaded image as the image used in your shoppable gallery.
Once you have made changes to an image on Instagram, follow the steps above within Snapppt, but click on Refresh Media (labeled above as 2). This will update all posts with the changes you have made in Instagram.

Image refresh - product links
When adding tags to Instagram posts within Snapppt, there are times where we have been unable to capture the image. BUT all is not lost! Follow this guide to make sure that your images have an OG tag.

Once you have done this click on the main menu and then go to your Public Page.

Click on a tag on one of your images so that your page looks like this. 

Sometimes, the image above the product name may be blank. This may be because Snapppt was unable to find the product when the tag was first added.
Hover over the image, in the top right corner a small globe will appear (Highlighted in the image above, enlarged in the image below). Click on this to see the Master view of your product info.

Within this view you can do 3 things.

  • Refresh Hotspot Data - this will refresh all of the info about the particular product tag you have clicked on. 

  • Refresh User Data - this will refresh info about the user that posted the image. If you have updated your Instagram username, this will update that info for you. 

  • Refresh All Hotspots for User - this will refresh all product tags added within your account.

Updating All Hotspots may take a little while sometimes they can take up to 24 hours.

Reach out to our Snapppt support team if you have any queries on refreshing your data within Snapppt.

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