Product links are displayed on an image as a Hotspots.

Use them to allow your customers to click through to a product. 

If you are using Shopify or WooCommerce, click through to this guide to help you add links from your connected e-commerce store. If you use any other e-commerce store, keep reading :) 

We are always developing and adding more features at Snapppt, we do plan to integrate more tightly with other platforms soon! 

Adding a singular Hotspot
To add a hotspot, identify an image you would like to link to a product. Hover over the image and click on "Add Product Links".

To manually add hotspots, click the + button in the pop up. Then paste in the URL of the product you would like to add to the image.

If you are adding Shopify or WooCommerce, once you have logged in within Snapppt you will be able to search for products by name. See this guide for more info.

This will add a number to the image. This can be moved by clicking and dragging. Hit Save and you have added a product link :)

When editing your product links there is a number of other options.
1 - Save - this allows you to save the image
2 - Share - this allows you to create and share a picture card. See this guide for more info.
3 - Preview - see what the product links look like on your image. 

Multiple Hotspots

From here you can add a singular hotspot or multiple hotspot to an image. Multiple hotspots are used to highlight multiple products. Each of the hotspots will link to a separate product. See this guide for how to move hotspots.   

Visibility of Hotspots
The hotspots can be displayed all of the time, so that customers can see that they are there. When the customer hovers over a visible hotspot it reveals the product it is linked to.

Or they can be hidden, so that customers have to interact with the content to see the available products.

To turn off the numbered hotspots click Edit Product Links and use the toggle below. 

Now you have added Hotspots to Instagram images it's time to create a display! Check out this guide to pick the display for you :)

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