With Hashtag filtering you are able to use Snapppt to create multiple embeddable widgets to use across your site. Each of these widgets can have a different design and most importantly different content. 

Using hashtags already applied to your images PLUS the option of adding in your own means your bucket of content can now be utilised in several different displays. 

Previously, this image would have been added into your feed and then displayed on all widgets across your site. Great! Everyone can see this image, however most people see 5000+ ads daily. This means creating meaningful and lasting engagement has become super difficult. 

Making content relevant to an audience makes it easier for them to relate to. When customers see a display full of content that they associate with or aspire to will intrigue them.


Creating a visual story of your brand which the user can absorb will increase social proof and decrease product risk. 

To see how to add hashtags to posts within Snapppt take a look at this guide

We can process an image 6000x faster than text and we retain 80% of what we see. The age old saying of 'the image speaks louder than word' rings true here. Why write a long comment, which the customer won't read, when you can post a curated feed of related content? 

Everyone is getting busier, attention spans are getting shorter and notifications cause our devices to buzz every minute. 

It is a known fact that humans are visual beings. 

Snapppt has already incorporated this into our solution by putting social imagery at the centre of your shopping experience.  
Historically, the the problem has been making an Instagram feed relevant to different target audience groups, collections or seasons. 

We have now stepped up, meaning we are introducing a solution which will allow you to organise content by Hashtags. This will help your content to become dynamic, meaning you can use similar content within a display so that it is easier for the customer to associate with.  

You can also now create multiple galleries, meaning you can embed the most relevant content on each different page within your shop. 

Seeing imagery of a similar topic in multiple photos helps customers aspire to own the product or use the service. You are more likely to gain a customer if they have a personal reaction.

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