Manual Embed
With Snapppt you can easily create an embeddable galleries for you to place on any page of your website or store. Follow this guide to find out how to start using your shoppable Instagram feed on your website.

Login to Snapppt and click on the top menu. Select Shoppable galleries. 

Within the menu change the look and the feel of the embed using the options. 

Gallery Styles - 4 options - Stack, Grid, Carousel and Custom Gallery
Theme - Select if the product card has a black or white background
Rows & Columns - Select the number of posts that appear within widget.
Gutter Width - The space between the images
Rounded Corners - Select rounded or square corner
Outer Margin - The space between the images and the edge of the page.

You can also customise the design and appearance of your galleries:

The live preview will update with every change to let you see how this has changed the display. 

Once the design has been finalised click the copy embed button. This will copy the embed code ready to be embedded onto any page of your website.

**TIP** If the design needs to be updated, make any changes within Shoppable Galleries. The code will not need to be updated, the changes will automatically be reflected wherever the widget has been embedded.

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