Product Page Galleries (PPG) allow you to turn your Instagram content, User Generated Content and Influencer Content into Social Proof inside the most important part of your sales funnel, your product page.

See example showing a row of Influencers for NakedWolfe.

With Product Page Galleries you engage, convert and drive up revenue on your Product Page!

Adding Product Page Galleries to Shopify *Sections

Within Shopify you can insert the embed code into either 'Templates' or 'Sections', depending on which theme you are on. Both give the same result, shoppable product pages.

This article explains how to add your Product Page Galleries to Sections.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign into your Snapppt dashboard

  2. In your main menu go to Shop the feed > Product Page Galleries
    you should now see the Product Page Galleries preview page

  3. Using the options found in the left hand column, configure your product gallery to get the look you want

  4. Copy the Product Page Galleries embed code found in the bottom of the left hand column as shown below

Image shows 1. Settings & customisation options 2. Preview 3. Embed code

Bottom left of the settings column you'll find your embed code:

5. Go to your Shopify back-office > Store > Themes

6. In your live theme you're using click Actions > Edit code

7. In the list of Sections find the file named product-template.liquid click to edit the code.

NOTE: Depending on your theme product.liquid could be named differently. Find the file named similarly to "product-template.liquid", likely under the Sections header.

8. In the code section, decide on where you would like the Product Page Gallery to be displayed and add and paste the code into that section. If you're unsure of where to paste it, contact us or your theme developer.

For best results we recommend displaying the Product Page Galleries immediately below the main product image - see image below:

8. Click Save to apply the changes

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