Product Page Galleries (PPG) allow you to turn your Instagram content, User Generated Content and Influencer Content into Social Proof inside the most important part of your sales funnel, your product page.

See example showing a row of Influencers for NakedWolfe. With Product Page Galleries you engage, convert and drive up revenue on your Product Page 🙌🏻

Note: installing a Product Page Gallery into your theme requires being comfortable modifying code. Please ensure you are comfortable with HTML/CSS, or that you work with a web developer.

1️⃣ Copy your SNPT Product Page Gallery code

  1. Sign into your SNPT dashboard

  2. In your main menu go to Shop the feed > Product Page Galleries
    you should now see the Product Page Galleries preview page

  3. Using the options found in the left hand column,
    configure your product gallery to get the look you want 

  4. Copy the Product Page Galleries embed code found in the bottom of the left hand column as shown below

2️⃣ Install your PPG code in your Shopify Theme

In your Shopify backoffice, head to the Store > Themes section, and from the right-hand side of the page, click to 'Edit code' under the 'Actions' dropdown.

For here, the goal is to narrow down your the Template or file which is used for your Product page - specifically the location where you want to install the embed - such as the Product page image for example.

In many cases, the file you're looking for will be the product.liquid file, which is found in the Templates list. Click on the filename to launch it into the editor. You may find that the template file simply hsa an include to another snippet or section file - so you'll need to follow it through till you find the code used for your Product Page content.

Now, once you have identified the location where would like the PPG embed to display (after the product image, or following your product description for example), page in your SNPT embed code. If you're unsure of where to paste your SNPT embed code, please contact your theme developer or tech team. If further help is needed, reach out to us.

Finally, Click Save to persist your changes 👍

For best results we recommend displaying the Product Page Galleries immediately below the main product image - see image below:

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