Product Page Galleries work like the other embeds you have used before.

Here you can find a handy guide to the options available for Product Page Galleries: 

  • Gallery style: lets you choose how you want your images to appear as 'Grid' or 'Stacked' 
  • Theme: choose between white or black 
  • Rows/Columns: allow you to change the number of rows and columns
  • Gutter width: manage the space between your images
  • Outer margin: let you set the outer margins of the embed widget
  • Rounded corners: you can opt to have rounded corners ‘yes’ or select ‘no’ if you don’t
  • Optimise display by: let you choose if you want to optimise your images by ‘most engaging post’ (calculated by most viewed and clicked posts) or by most recent posts or by most likely to sell (based on the tracked conversion code we can display images that sold the most)
  • Embed heading: use this space with a catchy ‘#’ like #xxxstyle #showyourstyle #howtostyle or with a call to action like 'Show us what you’re loving and how you are wearing it, using #xxxstyle' 
  • Style/Position: allows you to change your heading style and position

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