As mentioned with in our 'Can I use Snapppt with my store?' article - Snapppt can be used with any platform: after all, it's simply a set of code snippets that you can paste into any website, blog or store. There is no official Snapppt integration with Squarespace, but see the following for pointers:

Installing any of the SNPT embeds

Check out the 'Code Block' Squarespace article for how to add a code snippet to any of your pages. The article also covers adding custom HTML sidebar or footer for your theme for example - useful for where you want your feed on every page of your store for example - or for the People Power Campaigns embed to appear sitewide.

Installing the SNPT conversion code
To track sales through Squarespace, within our Snapppt account, you'll want to use the 'Code injection' feature, and will want to start with their corresponding help article. For the conversion code, you'll want to enter your Snapppt code snippet into the 'Order confirmation page' field:

Important, you'll want to swap out the 'liquid variables' from your Snapppt order variables, to use the values and syntax that Squarespace supports. Thus, you'll want to use you'll want to change this:

window.snapppt_order_number = '{{ order_number }}';
window.snapppt_order_total = '{{ total_price }}';
window.snapppt_order_currency = '{{ shop.currency }}';
window.snapppt_account = "XXXXX";
<script src="//" defer></script>

To this:

window.snapppt_order_number = '{ orderId }';
window.snapppt_order_total = '{{ orderGrandTotal }}';
window.snapppt_account = "XXX";
<script src="//" defer></script>

Note that you will have your own snapppt_account ID (rather than the XXX), and that it appears Squarespace does not make the currency available, so this has been removed in the updated code snippet (although it wouldn't matter if you leave it). Any other questions? Do let us know!

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