SNPT offers a range of embed options to suit a variety of needs. See what these look like and gather a bit of information. After you have curated your content, start to think about where you would like to embed your shoppable content.

  • Shoppable Galleries: Used in stanalone landing pages, home pages, collection pages and Insta shops

  • Product Page Galleries: Used on your product pages to automatically show Influencers, Fans and UGC content as social proof at the point of sale. The content will automatically show photos and videos containing the product being viewed.

  • Shop the Look Cards: Used in blog articles, editorials and special content that turns static images or videos into shoppable content.

  • Live Feed Galleries: Generally used on the home page to show a feed that is automatically updated as new content is added into your Instagram.

Grid layout

A regular set of equal rows and columns grid of images that displays every image as a square.

Stack layout

A masonry style grid that displays images in their original height and width ratios.

A single animated row of images.

Mosaic layout

A collage of images alternating large and small grid layout

Product Page Galleries

Display social content on your product pages. This helps the customer by being able to see the product in a natural location, increasing the relevance and engagement with your audience. Check out this guide for more info. 

example 2.

Clicking on an image opens up a lightbox view that shows the customer other products in the same images or video:

Shop the Look Cards

Every image or video in your media library can be turned into a 'Shop the Look' Card which you can use on any website, blog or page. The Shop the Look Cards will contain all hotspots so that wherever you embed the card, your customers can still navigate to the product. Take a look at this guide for how to customise these displays.

Live Feed Galleries

Let you display custom Instagram feeds on your store. The live Instagram feed is fully customisable to match with your brand look and feel. It supports both images and videos and it is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly onto screen on desktop and mobile.

Check out this section for more info on the above embed options.

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