If you are having any issues with your Snapppt embed - then please start with our 'Why is my embed not showing?' article. In diagnosing a potential problem with the Snapppt embed on your website, it can be helpful to let us know if any error messages are being shown in your browsers console panel

The console panel is often accessed only by programmers, but if you feel comfortable doing so, opening the console within your browser, and reloading the page - may display helpful error messages which will help us get to the root of the problem you are having quicker. In brief, the steps are to open the browser console, then refresh the page, and then copy and paste any errors you see when contacting us via the in-app messenger. 

Here is a breakdown of the steps for Chrome, although other browsers such as Firefox and Safari:

1. While on the page where your Snapppt embed is not loading, right click anywhere and click 'Inspect' from the menu appears:

2. This will cause the 'Developer tools' menu to appear, and it should already be open on the 'Console' tab. If not, click on the 'Console' tab which is usually at the top left of the panel:

if the panel appears short, you can drag the top to increase its height

3. Finally, refresh the page, and look for any errors that appear in red within the Console tab. Note that while it is likely that you will see output here, it may not be related to your Snapppt embed. When contacting us, please copy any messages seen here and paste it in to the message box when writing to us:

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