Firstly, please be sure you have read the Brief overview article, which explains what Snapppt is, and what it isn't. It'll help have your clear on the Snapppt concept. To help you hit the road running, here's a step by step from sign up, to curating your feed, linking your images, and tracking conversions.
Note: Videos do not contain audio.

  1. Sign up & connect your Instagram account

2. Curate your Snapppt feed by choosing the photos you wish to show, and removing the ones you don't
Since it’s your first time here your photos will automatically all be added to your ‘Added’ list. You can choose the ones you wish to hide from your live view by clicking on the ‘Remove’ icon. From this point, new images your post to Instagram will appear under the added tab - and will need to be added manually.

3. Add links to your photos
Roll over an image and click to ‘Add a link’ to it. In order to create a fluid shopping experience for your customers you can link each image to a product page on your website, marketplace or, selling venue. Note that the interface has changed from the interface below - the the idea is the same!

4. Preview your live view page
Preview your live view public page by clicking on the top left hand icon. To return to editing your photos click the icon again. This is the page your customers will see when they click on your Instagram profile link from within Instagram. It is on this page that all conversion tracking begins.

5. Set your Snapppt profile as your Instagram Website link
Happy with your page? - Now, copy your Snapppt live page link and use it to replace your website link that appears in your Instagram profile settings. Now, when visitors arrive on your Instagram account and click your profile link they will automatically be taken to your live view Snapppt page. Clicking on an image on this page will take them to the page you want them to see. Every click is tracked through to the checkout using the your unique Snapppt tracking code allowing you to follow the performance of your images and determine which ones your customers to buy from your store all within your Snapppt Analytics page.

6. Add new Instagram posts to your Snapppt feed
As you add more photos to your Instagram account they automatically also show up in the ‘MAYBE’ tab of your Snapppt account. Use the ‘Add’ or, ‘Remove’ icons to include them in your feed, adding links as you did in step 3.

What next? 

  • Embed your Snapppt profile into any page of your website or store
  • Install the Snapppt conversion code into the checkout of your store to track customer engagement and never miss a sale
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