The People Power widget allows brands to generate Word of Mouth at scale.
It's social customer acquisition via customers and their friends.

What's the best form of marketing? Word of mouth

We believe that everyone has influence.

People power campaigns allow any brand to amplify their customers' goodwill.

Customers get a small reward for sharing their email and Instagram handle

and another big reward for mentioning your @brandhandle to their followers.

Rewards are fully customisable by you and can work well during promotional seasons or for new visitors to your site. 

In your People Power Campaign dashboard you will be able to see who are your top advocates at a glance and re-target theirs influence with new rewards and reach new customers beyond your own brand followers.

Collect hundreds of emails and instagram accounts per day. Boost your sales and grow your audience. 

If you have any questions or do you want us to help you set up your first People Power Campaign, we’re here to help. All Snapppt customers get access to free, friendly chat and email support.

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