Ever wanted to see who mentioned you on Instagram and repost their images? Now you can with People Power tab. 

1/. In your Snapppt dashboard section you'll see this:

2/. Click on it and follow the instruction 

* If you need any assistance you can refer to this article on How to authenticate for People Power tab

3/. Once fully authenticated, you will be presented going forward with all the content you have been mentioned in. We'll show you content from the best customers and influencers on Instagram that have mentioned your @handle in their caption. 

*above you can see all the images where @opumo has been mentioned in

4/. Choose the best images and add link to them so that they will appear in your Snapppt Instagram gallery wherever it is embedded it on your site.

We think this feature is pretty awesome as at a glance you will be able to see who mentioned you, you can repost their image with links to your products and full accreditation to the original creator.

Here is how Lalabubaby is utilising People Power tab to add social proof to their site and also to feature their loyal customers

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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