Find out how your campaign has performed in terms of engagement and which posts are have the most engagement. 

Click on the arrow  to open up the full report.

This opens up a display giving you deeper insights on the engagement during your campaign. The Campaign report looks like this:

The Campaign report looks like this:

First we have the graph of participants. Underneath there is a summary and then there is the list of participants with the associated posts.

  • Sessions - The number of people who have clicked through to the campaign link. 
  • Participants - The number of people who have logged in with Instagram and have shown interest in the coupon. 
  • Posts - The number of images that have been uploaded and the number of customers who have received coupons. 
  • Between each step you can see the uplift of how many people have continued through each of the steps.

At the bottom there is the Instagram Participant list. This displays - 

  • Who has posted to Instagram
  • Their Post that will automatically appear in your Snapppt dashboard in the People Power tab 
  • When it was posted 
  • The number of people who have been engaged with this post
  • When they first signed up
  • The coupon code that they have been sent

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