People Power is a great way to grow your customer base and also start to collect images (UGC) which you can repurpose in your marketing campaigns. To make sure you have a successful campaign, take a look at these handy tips. 


  • Make the subject easy for customers to photograph
  • Make the campaign inclusive
  • Make the process and the reward clear


  • Create too many hoops for the customer to jump through
  • Ask users to break the Instagram Terms of Service e.g. images of children, negative, abusive

Campaign ideas

  • Do you want users to post images of your products? e.g. Post an image in your favourite Topshop item for 10% off your next purchase. (Brand - Topshop)
  • Are you going to run a campaign that is destination led? e.g. Post an image of your favourite holiday destination and where you would take your Toms next. (Brand - Toms)
  • Could your campaign be about lifestyle advice linking back to your service? e.g. Get £5 added into your account, by telling us about a time where you enjoyed saving up for something, or rather appreciated it once you had got there! (Brand - American Express)
  • Use the campaign as a suggestion box. e.g. Show us your favourite snack that you would like to see next at Starbucks. (Brand - Starbucks)
  • Encourage a personal connection with the user. e.g. Post a photo of someone who you look up to. (Brand - Nike)
  • Is your campaign going to be seasonal? e.g. Post a photo of your must have item during Thanksgiving. (Brand - Butterball)


  • Make your headline short and snappy 
  • Make the customer feel like they are going to be a part of something bigger
  • Use words like - team, tribe, squad, us, party, gang, troop, crowd or flock 
  • Explore the idea of reverse psychology - 'go against the crowd', 'dare to be different', 'don't be a sheep' or 'you can go your own way'


  • Make your hashtag relevant to your brand or campaign
  • Keep it on the shorter side
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Exclusive to your brand
  • Focused on one message
  • Combine your brand name into your hashtag to encourage others to use it
  • You could create hashtags with call to action phrases - e.g. #IWannaGo, #GetTogetherAlready, #Doingthings #Changeyourstyle #Goplaces

Coupon Expiry Text 

  • Think about how long you want the campaign to run for
  • When is the ideal time for your campaign to run. Take into consideration when payday is, any national holidays, when other retailers have sales/promotions etc. 
  • Run the coupon for a limited time only to create urgency

How to use the images after the campaign

  • Check out engagement on the images created. Could these creators become influencers in your future campaigns? 
  • Use images (UGC) to create shoppable galleries, shoppable product page galleries, shoppable hashtag filtered galleries. Link these images to products in your store. 
  • Repurpose these images as picture cards and use on blogs, in email templates and on other social networks. 
  • Use these images within banner ads. 

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