1.  Customers are linked to the campaign landing page via e.g email, tweet, instagram link, packaging insert etc.
  2.  Customer clicks to 'Join us with Instagram', which prompts them to authenticate via Instagram:

3. Customer authorises and is then presented with the hashtag campaign specific 'complete registration' page where we request their name and email:

4. Upon entering their details, a 'waiting' page is presented while their email is verified:

5. The user then checks their email, and clicks to verify

6. They are then presented with a 'thank you' screen, and a reminder of the instructions. - The next step is to post a message with the noted mention and hashtag. 

7. Customer clicks on Copy Tags which opens their instagram account (only on iOS and Android phones or tablets) and posts an image including an @mention #hashtag

8. Then we listen out for the post from the user. Once we have spotted that the customer has posted to Instagram with the mention and hashtag provided, we send them an email with the coupon included:

9.  Finally, we schedule a check 24 hours after the image has been posted - to record the likes and comments for the media, which is then reported back to the brand.

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