Who better to spread the word about your brand than your customers? 

Learn how to kickstart a lean Instagram strategy with People Power.

People Power campaigns lets you reward your visitors for promoting your brand to their followers on their Instagram. Easily generate word-of-mouth referrals via your customers' Instagram feeds. 

The People Power widget can be used anywhere on your shop. Once the customer leaves their email and instagram account he/she will be automatically entered into your campaign and depending on their actions, rewarded accordingly. 

Step 1. - 

From your Snapppt menu go to > Campaigns > People Power Campaigns
In the Campaigns list page click the button [+ New Campaign] to start a new campaign

Step 2. - Setting up your campaign

You'll find a toolbar on the left hand side which allows you to customise the widget you can embed anywhere on your website. 

The customisable options include -

  • Campaign Status - set to draft  This toggle is used to activate your People Power Campaign. When you're ready (and have added coupon codes to your campaign) toggle your campaign from 'Draft' mode to 'Live', then click on 'Save Changes'.
  • Copy Campaign Pop-up code - Once you have 'Saved Changes' and your Campaign is set to 'Live' your customised embed code will appear here. Copy and paste this code into your website. If you need help with this step? - Message us here.
  • Campaign @Mention - This is automatically set to your @instagramhandle as that is how Snapppt tracks the campaign with the @instahandle and optional the #hashtag set.
  • Require Hashtag - is defaulted to green as ideally you should have both your @brandhandle + an #hashtag as that is how Snapppt tracks the campaign. Move the toggle to grey if you do not want to have an #hashtag associated to the campaign
  • Campaign #Hashtag - The best People Power Campaigns are the ones that inspire your customers to be part of a bigger movement e.g. #savetheplanet , #saynotoplastic, #sweatlife, #doingthings #letthembekids etc. Your chosen #hashtag does not have to be unique to your brand and can also appear on other campaigns you are running at the same time.
  • Reward coupon for - let you decide if you want to reward your customers only once they posted on Instagram mentioning your @brandhandle + an #hashtag in the copy text or simply by filling the widget with their email address and instagram @handle
  • Appearance - you can customise your widget to fit in with your brand's 'Call to action' using the forms in this column. You will be able to preview your changes on the right. The text here is the one that your customer will read on your People Power Card. Make sure to ask them to mention your @brandhandle in their caption text together with the #hashtag of your choice

here an example:

  • Call to action - decide here what your call to action will be + customise the fields as you like to fit with your brand's voice.
  • Body Text - The text to explain the incentive the customer will receive alongside any other message you would like to share. For best effect use this text to emphasise the incentive provided to the participant. .e.g. "GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT - Get 10% off coupon sent to your email now and 25% off coupon when you mention @brandhandle #styleme in your Insta caption for you and a friend."
  • 'Thank you' message - this is the message that your customers see once they have filled the form
  • Email Rewards - is where you will add the coupon codes that will be auto emailed to the customers when they share their email address and Instagram account. Please note that all coupon parameters are set by you via your store.
  • Instagram Rewards - add here coupons that at detection of a customers mentioning @yourbrandhandle #hashtag will be auto emailed.
    All coupon parameters are set by you via your store and simply copied here. Make sure coupons are included before setting your campaign to live.
  • Signup E-mail - this is the message visitors will receive after they give you their email address and instagram handle.
  • Post E-mail - this is the message visitors will receive after they mention @yourbrand in the caption text of their post.
  • Send Email preview - email will be sent to the registered email on Snapppt
  • Store URL - Add the link to your shop so that your customers can apply their discount code and start shopping. Your participant can click this link from their email i.e.http://yourstore.com
  • Save Changes - When you're done editing your campaign click 'Save Changes'

In your dashboard, the section on the right shows you a preview of the campaign widget and represents what your participants will see. 

Step 3. - Going live!

Once you are happy and your campaign is set, remember to go live by clicking on the toggle on the top.


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