Who better to spread the word about your brand than the customers who already love it?!

Learn how to kickstart a lean Instagram strategy with People Power.

People Power provides an automated Instagram referral program that works by incentivising customers to post on Instagram with @brandinstagramhandle and an #hashtag in return for a discount coupon. 

People Power campaigns can be used anywhere on your shop. The campaign's unique link is all you need to direct users to a 'Join in' page where their campaign participation begins.

Step 1. - 

From your Snapppt menu go to > # Campaigns.
In the Campaigns list page click the button [+ New Campaign] to start a new campaign

Step 2. - Setting up your campaign

You'll find a toolbar on the left hand side which allows you to customise the content and call to action of the campaign.

The customisable options include -

  • Live - This toggle is used to activate your Hashtag Campaign.
  • Campaign headline - The headline text to encourage users to join in with the campaign.
    "Join our tribe!"
  • Campaign #Hashtag - pick a # of your choice for your campaign. Your chosen #hashtag does not have to be unique to your brand and can also appear on other campaigns you are running at the same time.
  • Campaign @Mention - This is automatically set to your @instagramhandle as that is how Snapppt tracks the campaign with both the @instahandle and the #hashtag set.
  • Body Text - The text to explain the incentive the customer will receive alongside any other message you would like to share. For best effect use this text to emphasise the incentive provided to the participant. Do not clutter with added instructions.
    "Get 25% off!
    Tell us your story or show off your style to get featured"
  • Customise - Add an image to visually show customer content used by the brand. Pick an image from your feed you think best represents your campaign.
  • Add Coupon Code - This is the coupon code the user will receive via email once they have posted a photo to *their* feed tagged you in it and used the specified hashtag.
    Show - Displays 20 coupons which have already been added into your campaign.
    Add - Add in your coupon codes. Either one by one or as a batch upload.
    Replace - Remove the coupons that you have added into your campaign.
    Underneath you can see how many coupons have been added and how many have already been used.
    ** Please note ** The coupon code should be configured and generated on your e-commerce platform before entering it here. You must ensure that the user can use this code in your checkout. (Snapppt does not generate this coupon for you.)
    Coupon codes can be configured to use any discount options allowed for by your platform, POS or partner outlets.
  • Recycle Coupons - This will allow the same coupon to be sent to multiple customers during your campaign. This is useful if you are using the same coupon code throughout, or you have a limited number of coupon codes in comparison to the number of people who may take part.
  • Send Coupons - You can prevent the sending of coupons during your campaign. This will mean that you will have to send the codes later if that is the incentive you have promised participants. 
  • Coupon Text - The text that goes alongside the coupon in the email.
    "Claim in store to get 25% off all products"
    "Redeem this coupon in any of our branches or online"
    "Claim in any outlet to get your free drink / free gift etc."
  • Coupon Expiry Text - Add urgency to your call to action by specifying your coupon's valid through date.
    "Coupon valid until 4th Sep 2018"
    "Coupon expires / use by 17th October 2018"
  • Store URL - Add the link to your shop so that your customers can apply their discount code and start shopping. Your participant can click this link from their email

In your dashboard, the section on the right shows you a preview of the campaign landing page and represents what your participants will see.

The steps are presented to the participant clearly. Each step instructs the user in what they have to do in order to receive their discount code. To see and test out your campaign page either copy paste the campaign's unique URL into a browser window or click the preview button.

The campaign unique URL can be copied and pasted into emails, your Thank you checkout page, your Insta bio link, a story swipe up link, Facebook/ Google / Twitter ads, banners, your order confirmation / shipping emails etc. to link customers from anywhere to take part in this campaign.
Add a link to your next mail out to re-activate subscribers to take up your campaign
Add this link to your
'Thank you' page to prompt customers to share their a post with their purchase and incentivise their next one.
... for more ideas see here

To see what your customer will see click the preview button to go to the campaign page.

Step 3. - Conversion code & campaign tracking

Installing your conversion code

Snapppt tracks your campaign performance using a conversion code you can paste in your checkout. You can find your conversion code here.
Your conversion code will vary depending on your platform. Snapppt provides pre-configured platform specific conversion codes for Shopify, SupaDupa and WooCommerce. We also provide a generic version that can be used on any platform or POS system. Please get in touch if your requirements vary.

Tracking your campaign

To see the how your campaign is performing head back to the campaign homepage and click the tracking icon to drill down on the campaign's performance.
Snapppt provides the following activity related reports in both aggregated summary views and granular itemised tables that can be drilled on further. The mission of these reports is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's ROI and uncover your best performing participants with whom you can run 'outreach campaigns' based on newly aligned incentives.

Participants - know who has joined your campaign and the posts they have produced for you

Engagement - Know how many likes and comments the posts that have been shared about you have received.

Coupons - Find out how many / what value of coupons have been redeemed and by whom

Orders - Determine assisted and amplified orders achieved by the campaign

Posts - Find out how many and which are the best posts produced by the campaign.

Understanding individual participant performance

Click on any participant to drill down and uncover a full participant engagement report.

The report specifies follower engagement and content analysis which we will go into more detail about in another article. Use this data to qualify new campaign collaborations.

You are able to pick out 5 key engagement stats on the homepage.

  • Sessions - The number of visits your campaign page has had.
  • Participants - The number of people who have taken part and received a coupon.
  • Posts - The number of posts gathered with this campaign.
  • Engagement - The number of likes or comments the campaign posts have received in total.  
  • Average Engagement - The average number of likes or comments the posts have received.

To see more in depth information about the engagement of these images click on the arrow (shown below). 

Step 4. - Going live!

Once you are happy and your campaign is set, remember to go live by clicking on the toggle on the top.

Using your People Power posts - 

Content enrichment comes in the form of your campaign's best user generated content. Use the best performing content to drive sale conversion on your website as social proof in your Instagram shop, Hashtag filtered embeds, Product Page Galleries, Picture cards in blog posts / lookbooks and Homepage carousels all via your People Power tab which now appears as part of your Snapppt feed dashboard.

For tips and campaign templates to help you get started check out this article


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